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5 Benefits of Invisalign

Team Invisalign

Have you heard of Invisalign? It is a method of straightening teeth that was created as an alternative to traditional braces. Alternative doesn’t necessarily mean better, it just means there’s another way. There are pros and cons to any method you consider for aligning teeth and bite patterns for best results. But if you’re thinking about trying Invisalign, here are 5 benefits to this method.

1. Virtually invisible.

Invisalign corrects your teeth and bite using a series of clear plastic trays that fit over your teeth, similar to retainers. These aligners are specially designed to move your teeth to the desired positions in a gradual process. When you are wearing your aligners, it’s almost impossible for anyone to tell that you’re wearing them. They won’t show or affect your speech.

2. Comfortable.

The plastic aligners are smooth and slightly flexible, which allows them to fit snugly over teeth without causing pain. They won’t irritate your cheeks, lips, or tongue the way metal braces can. There are no brackets or wires to cause sores and no need for messy orthodontic wax to protect the soft tissues in your mouth.

3. Convenient.

Invisalign is hassle-free because the aligners can be removed when you eat, brush, and floss your teeth. You don’t have to restrict your diet. You can simply remove your aligners and still eat hard foods and candy, then put them back in afterwards (though you might want to brush your teeth first). You can forgo the tedious process of threading floss under wires between each tooth in order to floss your teeth while wearing braces. 

4. Faster results.

Invisalign can often straighten your teeth and bite faster than traditional braces. But, in order to achieve these fast results, you must wear your aligners as instructed for at least 22 hours every day. It’s also important to switch aligners when your orthodontist recommends it. The gradual process of moving through the series of aligners is how Invisalign works to correct your teeth.

5. Improved treatment.

The technology behind Invisalign has significantly improved over the time since it was invented so that patients experience better results. As patients, dentists, and orthodontists have used Invisalign, the results are turned into feedback that translates to adjustments in the method and design technology. Constant improvement means more effective treatment.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Now that you know the benefits, if you’re interested in trying Invisalign, here’s how it typically works. 

The orthodontist will evaluate your teeth to determine if you are an ideal candidate for Invisalign (in other words, will the method be effective for you). If so, digital impressions will be made of your teeth and entered into the computer system. Computer software can be used to show how your teeth will move throughout the process and what the final results will look like. 

Next, your clear aligners will be made. You will come to the office to pick up your aligners, and have any needed attachments placed. Attachments are small clear dots of glue placed on some teeth to secure the aligners. You’ll need to wear the aligners as instructed for a certain period of time and visit your orthodontist occasionally for evaluations of your progress. As your teeth move you’ll be instructed to change to each consecutive aligner until the process is complete and your teeth and bite are properly aligned. 

Finally you’ll need to wear retainers to keep your teeth in the proper alignment. You may only have to wear them at night to hold teeth in place.

Ready to Try Invisalign?

If you’re looking for an Invisalign provider, call Andover Orthodontics today at (978) 475-0450 to make an appointment for a free consultation. Dr. Anthony Broccoli will evaluate your teeth and recommend the best treatment plan to align your teeth and bite so you can smile with confidence. Proper alignment is crucial for a lifetime of healthy teeth.