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How Much Do Braces Cost for Kids in Andover, MA?

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Braces for kids needing orthodontic treatment typically range in cost from $3,000-$7,000. The reason for the large range in prices is due to a variety of factors that will impact the total cost. To learn more about factors that influence how much braces cost for kids, read on.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Braces

Various factors will contribute to the total cost of your child’s orthodontic treatment. 


Complexity of Orthodontic Issues

The cost of braces for kids who simply need a few teeth straightened will be significantly less than for a child who has a bite problem, partially impacted canines, or needs extractions. Severely twisted or slanted teeth are also more labor-intensive, therefore requiring more appointments and longer treatment times. Moreover, if your child had interceptive orthodontics or a palatal expander when they were younger, the total cost of all orthodontic treatments may be higher.

Type of Braces

Parents of teens may remember a time when the only options for aligning teeth and correcting malocclusions were metal brackets and wire braces. Today, there are a variety of options, including clear bracket braces and Invisalign Teen. Invisalign may be slightly more expensive than metal or clear brackets and wire braces. Clear brackets are typically slightly more than metal brackets.

Length of Treatment

The duration of your child’s orthodontic treatment can also impact the cost of braces for kids.  The longer a child needs treatment, the more appointments will be necessary, which increases the cost.  

Insurance Coverage

Insurance that provides coverage for orthodontic treatment can significantly reduce your out-of-pocket expense for your child’s braces. However, to ensure that braces are not cost-prohibitive for any patients, many orthodontic practices offer special financing to pay for care over time. In addition, many Medical Savings Accounts (MSA) or Health Savings Accounts (HSA) allow funds to be used for orthodontic treatment.  Most orthodontic practices also accept all major credit cards. 

Does the Cost of Braces for Kids Include X-rays and Appointments?

When you’re given a quote for the cost of braces for your child, the quote will include all imaging tests needed and the creation of your treatment plan.  It is also inclusive of the cost of materials, regular follow-up appointments, and emergency treatment if necessary (broken wire, loose bracket). 

The first set of retainers are also included in the treatment fee. There are additional charges for follow up appointments and for lost or broken retainers once treatment is completed.  Retainers are typically a few hundred dollars for a removable plastic retainer. The cost of braces does not include treatments such as teeth whitening, cleanings, or fillings that your child has during and after their braces.

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