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How Much Does Invisalign Teen Cost in Andover, MA?

Team Invisalign

Invisalign is one of the most popular teeth straightening systems. Using clear aligners rather than metal brackets, the treatment is nearly invisible. Invisalign Teen was created to make the system more kid-friendly, including some unique features like extra replacement aligners and the blue dot feature that shows orthodontists and parents whether or not the teen is wearing their aligners enough. 

If you’re debating whether or not Invisalign Teen is the right choice for your child, one of your biggest questions is probably how much it costs. You may have heard that traditional braces are cheaper, but your child really wants Invisalign. The good news is that the price range is about the same. 

On average you can expect to pay around $6000 for full treatment to align all the teeth and the bite. Limited treatment to address a specific issue can be much less, ranging between $2000 and $5000. This is comparable to the cost of traditional metal braces. But the only way to get an exact price is to see an orthodontist for a consultation and quote.

Why Does the Price of Invisalign Teen Differ?

Why can’t you find an exact price for Invisalign Teen online? Because it’s not a one-size-fits-all treatment, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all price. The cost will vary based on a few different factors, such as:

  • Duration of treatment. When the initial evaluation is done of the teeth, a plan will be made for treatment. A set of aligners will be created that the patient wears for the recommended amount of time, switching to the next consecutive aligner until the treatment is complete and the teeth are properly aligned. The longer this will take and the more aligners that need to be made, the higher the cost will be. 
  • Extent of the necessary corrections. Some patients have minor orthodontic issues that can be corrected with just a few aligners in a short time. Other patients may need more extensive treatment to correct misalignment of teeth and bite. The more complex the treatment, the higher the cost will be. 
  • Insurance. If you have dental insurance, some plans include orthodontic treatment. It is usually a lump sum that is offered toward braces or a similar treatment. With insurance funding factored in, you may pay less for Invisalign.

      Why is Invisalign Teen Worth the Cost?

      Are you wondering whether or not it is worth paying for Invisalign Teen? There are many reasons why orthodontic treatment is important. But if you are trying to decide between Invisalign and traditional braces (which may cost slightly less, depending on your provider), there are some definite advantages to Invisalign. 

      • Appearance. Teens like the fact that Invisalign is nearly invisible. Braces can make anyone feel self-conscious about how they look, and they may have to wear them for years. 
      • Comfort. The smooth plastic aligners are more comfortable to wear than traditional braces.
      • Convenience. Removable aligners make it easy to brush and floss your teeth. You can also eat whatever you want because you can take them out for meals and snacks.

      How Much Does Invisalign Teen Cost at Andover Orthodontics?

      If you’re interested in trying Invisalign Teen for your child, Andover Orthodontics is a leading provider in Andover, MA and the surrounding area.

      Call 978-475-0450 today to schedule your free consultation. After an evaluation we can offer you a more accurate quote for treatment. We look forward to helping your teen transform their smile.